September Services at Glacier UU

9th at 10 a.m. Ingathering Water service

18th at 10 a.m. Fall Equinox with Glenn Schiffman

The old people say that when the Thunder Beings make their last of the year journey in the fall, they take the origin stories (where we come from,) legends (who we want to emulate,) and trickster (how not to live) stories and stack them all up. Each story sits on the shoulders of the one before. Then during the winter months the storytellers take them down and tell them to the children. In the spring the thunders return and wash the stories clean and pack them away until the autumnal season. Spring and summer months are for living the stories. The service on the 18th will about stories – their value – with notes about banning certain stories and controlling the narrative.

25th at 10 a.m. Living Your Beliefs with guest Dave Renfrew

We will explore how our own beliefs lead us toward various actions in the world. Everyone will have an opportunity to share. Our guest will share his work in Guatemala with providing clean water in communities there. We will “share the plate” for Dave’s work.

Our social action committee has begun the process of applying to sponsor a refugee family. All are welcome to join in as we undertake this effort. For weekly updates on our progress, check our newsletter.

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