So,  you’re beginning to feel that the Glacier UUs might be worth getting to know a bit better.   Either you are interested enough to come back a few times or you’re really feeling like this group could become your church home in the Flathead Valley.  The best way to get to know us better, is to volunteer.   People who work on projects together — whether large or small ones — always get to know each other better.

Smaller, “getting to know us” tasks to sign up for:

Bring refreshments with someone on a Sunday.   Sign up by the microwave in the kitchen.

Help greet folks as they walk in.  Come at 9:40 and just pitch in!

Stay late and clean the kitchen with a partner.  Be the last one out and turn out all the lights and lock the doors.

Offer to help do a reading, light the chalice, pass the baskets during a service.   Talk to the program committee.

Medium, “digging in a bit deeper” jobs to take on:

Find a committee to join and attend the their meetings.   Take on committee work that interests you.

Examples:  Help the program committee design a service,  help the social action committee organize a project,  work with the religious education folks to help lead an activity or a class for kids,  and the building committee always needs help with simple tasks such as changing light bulbs! and more complex plumbing and such.   Other committees are the communications committee which needs help with the website and other publicity work, and the membership committee which loves newcomers who give us a fresh perspective on what it looks like to come into our group.  A listing of committee chairs is under About Us in this website and on the bulletin board between the men’s and women’s bathrooms.   Our administrator can also help stir you where you want to go.

All the way in there! Level 3

Everyone has a different interest level and amount of time it takes for them to feel at home within our Fellowship.  Some folks join us and a year later they are busy serving on our governing board and leading a committee as well.  Taking on a leadership role at GUUF happens quite quickly for many people.  Many current board members and recent presidents were members of GUUF for only a short time before diving in deep!  Other folks take many years before they may consider this level of commitment.

If you have more questions,  contact the membership committee which has a workshop on membership in GUUF every few months.