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Services and Events at
Glacier Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
7/27/16 – 8/9/16

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Sunday Services…

Glacier Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

A Progressive Community of Faith
1515 Trumble Creek Road/P.O. Box 2778
Kalispell, Montana 59903

July 31, 2016; 10:00 a.m.
“Faith in the Borderlands”
led by Melinda Morison and Kathy Neff
Please come to hear “Faith in the Borderlands” , a service and sermon presented in DVD format from the UU General Asssembly Sunday morning worship from June 2009. This special service will give folks a taste of what it is like to be in a General Assembly service and features former President of the UUA, Rev. Bill Sinkford, who is the current President of First Unitarian of Portland as well as Rev. Abhi Janamanchi, currently in transition to the lead minister of Cedar Lane UU Church in Bethesda, MD.  Rev. Janamanchi combines his personal history as a southern India Hindu/UU “mutt” who has transitioned through the UU theological seminary in Chicago, and ministries in the midwest and South to become a living proponent of multiculturalism and a self described “human hyphen in the that final frontier of faith”.  With metaphors to describe the UU faith that range from Indian food to the Humane Society to  the Star Trek Enterprise, he makes us realize that there is room for all of us in the UU umbrella.  This Sundays’s service will be very inspiring, don’t miss it!
August 7, 2016
Summer Evensong Series, #5 

These services are a different format than a traditional service. They are smaller, more intimate services where some discussion & participation is encouraged, but not required. They are a thought provoking & wonderful way to go a little deeper with your fellow congregants and we hope that if you haven’t been to one in the past you will come this summer.
Each service theme is chosen and put together by the service leader(s) so they are each unique.
GUUF‘s July Birthdays: 

Sol Holmquist; Adia Saurey; and Walter Weisenburger

GUUF’s Calendar and Events 
July 29, 2016 ~ 7:00 p.m.Stringtown Ambassadors Concert*
July 30, 2016 ~ 9:00 a.m.:  Mid Summer Project Day
July 31, 2016 ~ 10:00 a.m.: Sunday Service
July 31, 2016 ~ 10:00 a.m.: Summer Adventure ~ Huckleberry Lookout**
August 2, 2016 ~ 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.: Toni’s Tea***
August 2, 2016 ~ 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.: Board of Trustees Meeting
August 7, 2016 ~ 10:00 a.m.: Sunday Service ~ Evensong #6

*For questions regarding Stringtown Ambassadors, please contact 406-890-3709 or click here
**For questions regarding the Summer Adventure Series, please contact Jillian Brown 207-837-9242
***For questions regarding Toni’s Tea, please contact Sandy Alessi at 504-723-7178 or

Saturday July 30th
Mid Summer Project Day at GUUF for all ages!

Join GUUF friends for an hour, or more, of summer projects.
Saturday July 30, 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
Bring yourself, garden or work gloves, paint brushes, weed whip (if you have one), work clothes and something to eat or share for lunch.  Lunch break from 12:30 p.m.-1:00 p.m., otherwise come any time and we’ll find something for your capabilities.

Activities will include:

  • Strip and prime the white fence.
  • Repair Gazebo flooring.  
  • Pull out thistle! and other noxious weeds.  
  • Weed and cut back garden beds.
  • Trim overgrown bushes.  (Don will haul it all away.)  
  • Wash windows.  
  • Deconstruct broken playground equipment.  
  • And probably more!

Questions, suggestions to Kathy Neff 862-6882 (home) or 253-8150 (cell)
This event will be cancelled if weather does not cooperate, call if any questions.
Hope to see you!!

(The rest of you, anyone who wants to pick a project to oversee, let me know, otherwise I’ll just run around and assign stuff day of…but I’d love someone to take on the gazebo repair!)

Samaritan House
Monday Night Suppers.  
Would you like to help?
August 15th & September 19th
(5:30 p.m.)
To All who are interested in helping with Samaritan House suppers: we have had good success with the meals so far. We would like to involve teens and preteens. This will be a commitment of our fellowship to provide outreach and help to the folks who find themselves homeless. Signing up to help is easy. To sign up, email me, Chris Holdhusen, hereI will be scheduling moreMonday night dates as there is plenty of interest in continuing this effort.
Chris Holdhusen 
For Your Information…

You will notice when you come into GUUF, there is a jar on the Welcome Counter. We are accepting contributions into our Fellowship Support Fund in hopes that it can be used to assist Ben Long and Karen Nichols with expenses when they return from Denver where their son, Aidan is currently in the Children’s Hospital ICU. (You can follow Aidan’s story on Caring Bridge). You can also send checks; please make checks out to “GUUF” and write “FSF-Long” in the memo line. This will ensure that it goes to the right place.

Thank you for your generosity,
Paige Rappleye,
July Caring Family Coordinator 

Caring Family Coordinator for the month of July is  Paige & Brian Rappleye.
Please contact her if you need any assistance,
406-253-7941 or

We REALLY need Caring Family Coordinators for August and September. If you will be around next month and are looking for easy ways to give back to
your Faith Community  please contact Paige at the above number
or sign up in the Fellowship.