Care Team Calendar

Calendar for  June 2018

Current situation:  Michele Page has broken her leg badly and is in a wheelchair for a month.   GUUF is trying to provide a little bit of healthy vegan food for Michele and some meat options for Joe.  Other things that can be done are:  container gardening by front door, weeding dandelions, clean kitchen, check dishwasher, refill ice on leg every few hours, sort out fridge, run errands in town (call before coming),  feed Michele just tiny amounts, read Michele’s manuscript if she feels like it.  Just visit with her and raise her spirits!   Michele likes phone calls too.

Her number is:  890-5030

Directions to her house at 707 Twin Lakes Rd.

west of Whitefish off Farm to Market Rd.

Take Farm to Market north from Kalispell or take hwy 93 to Twin Bridges north of Whitefish.

follow Twin Bridges all the way to Farm to Market.  Do not go straight on Lodgepole in the fields.

Turn north on Farm to Market.    Contine to right angle turn around Terrapin Farm —

a vegetable CSA farm out there.   After that you will see Twin Lakes Rd. on the your left.

Take Twin Lakes a dirt road that gets smaller and smaller!

At junctions generally take the main road toward the right or straight.

Your google maps app will work as well.

Date Food with vegan option and some meat options for Joe

Small amounts for dieters

Person visiting
Wed. May 30th Cathy Fehlman Anne Lent
Thur.  May 31st Betsy
Fri.  June 1 Judy Judy and Don Spivey
Sat.  June 2 Betsy and Dan
Sun.  June 3 Cathy and Bruce
Mon.   June 4 Betsy with Tita (clean)
Tues.   June 5 Melinda Morison curry Melinda Morison
Wed.  June 6 Julie Doyle
Thur.   June 7 Kathy Moore newcomer who is a nurse
Fri.   June 8 Kirk Bryan will buy Chinese
Sat.  June 9
Sun.   June 10
Mon.   June 11 play reading group time? Sandy Alessi
Tues.   June  12 Charlotte Charlotte Streit
Wed.   June 13
Thur.   June 14 Betsy Betsy Kohnstamm
Fri.   June 15

If you would like to add your name to this calendar,   just let Betsy know for now.   We may add Sign-up Genius to this plan soon.

For now email:  twinjunipers@gmail.com or 260-2627     Thanks,   Betsy