Rental of our Building

Building Use Policy:

In general, any use of the building for anything other than fellowship-scheduled events will be scheduled in advance with the chairperson of the Building and Grounds Committee, or the Fellowship President.  Clearly, the fellowship has priority use of the building.  The renters in our shop need to be informed about other building use. 

Those using the building must leave the building in the condition they found it in.  Lists of clean-up tasks are posted in the building.  Fellowship members may unlock the building for their own events.  Non-fellowship members will need to have a member of the Fellowship unlock the building for them and show them around.  A key may be provided if necessary, which will require a deposit.

Basic Categories for Facility Use:

  1. One-time use by fellowship members. Generally, this use for another organization’s meeting or for social occasions is free, but is subject to approval and review by the Building and Properties Committee.
  2. A fellowship member hosting an event.  Generally, this use will be free, but is subject to approval and review by the Building and Properties Committee.
  3. A fellowship member scheduling regular monthly or weekly use of the building for non-GUUF related activities.  Generally there will be nominal fee, subject to negotiation, but use is subject to approval and review by the Building & Grounds Committee.
  4. Non-fellowship member renting the building for a one-time event or for regular use.  The rental rates below will apply.  Payment is expected when the room is reserved.  If the reservation is cancelled, GUUF retains $25 of the $100 fee and the remainder is refunded. (Also a key and cleaning deposit of $75 is required if a key is given to the renter).
  5. Longer-term facility proposals (e.g. schools, another church).  Rental terms and conditions will be approved by the Board of Trustees through a signed lease.

Rental Rates:

  • $100 a day for full day use
  • $75 for any part of a day or evening less than 4 hours in length
  • $25 for a short, regular monthly use of building in the evening
  • Regular weekly room rentals are subject to negotiation


$75 cleaning & key deposit, which is refunded if the facility is left in good condition and the key is returned.