Glacier Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 2019-20

Board of Trustees   and committee members

Our GUUF Board of Trustees

meets at 6:30 p.m.

on the second Wednesday of each month.

August 14,   September 11,  October 9, and November 13

Everyone is welcome. We also welcome your questions or comments.  Here are our board members:  

Joe Page, president
(406) 253-3473 (cell)
Preference: text or email

Cly Evans, vice president


Preference:   email

Kaye Haller, secretary


preference:   email

Melinda Morison, treasurer

(406)250-7735 cell

preference:  text messages

Judy Spivey, at-large

(406) 862-7733 (home)

Betsy Kohnstamm,  at-large

(406) 260-2627

Jill Fanning,   representing Fellowship council

(406)607-7316 (cell)

preference:   email


Jamie Dooling

(406) 471-3289

Glacier Unitarian Universalist Committees

for 2019-2020 year

Program committee

Co-chairs:  Betsy Kohnstamm, Sandy Alessi, Meg Gordon, Cathy Cooney, Kathy Neff

Jill Fanning

Saundra Alessi

Jivan Zeisse

Walter Weisenberger

Sam Neff

Mary Wellmeyer

RE  (religious education) committee

Chair:  Charlotte Streit

Jen Leck

Kaye Haller

Julie Doyle

Kathy Neff

Membership Committee

Sally and Nels Broste,  chairs

Judy Spivey

Betsy Kohnstamm

Charlotte Streit

Peggy Moore

Dan Kohnstamm

Bruce Haller

Caring Team

Peggy Moore

Michele Page

Betsy Kohnstamm

Building Committee

Bruce Fehlman,  Bruce Haller,   co-chairs

Chris Holdhusen

Don Spivey

Kirk Bryan

Social Action Committee  

Chairs:  Meg Gordon

And  Claire Kaneta

Sam Neff

Michelle Page


Robert Straube

Chelsey Sanford

Paige Rappleye

Betsy Kohnstamm


Joe Page

Cathy Cooney

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