April 23, 2017 ~ 10:00 a.m.:
A Journey into UU Ministry




Rev. Duffy Peet

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Bozeman

Each of us walks our own path in the journey through life.

Our path intersects with or crosses the path of many others

through the course of life. We hope the path we travel will

have meaning and significance to more than just ourselves.

Glacier UU Fellowship has had a significant influence on

the life of our guest minister, Rev. Duffy Peet. He will share

his journey and appreciation with us.


Mostly Montana Unitarians and Universalists

Spring Conference

What: A gathering for retreat, fun, and learning.

There will be workshops, worship, and support

for our justice work, as well as lots of good times

for all ages. Bring the kids!

When: April 28 to April 30. We will begin with dinner Friday

at 6 pm and close on Sunday around 11 am.

Where: Rockhaven Retreat Center
Between Bozeman and Big Sky (US Hwy 191

at Milepost 67 on the road to Yellowstone

National Park). Stay at camp, bring your

camper, or local hotels.

Workshops: Love Trumps Hate, Refugee Resettlement,

strategies for Worship in Small Congregations, Adult OWL.

Speakers: Revs. Duffy Peet, Sarah Schurr, and

Mary Wellemeyer, Eric Bliss (Regional Youth Coordinator).

Music with Judy Fjell!

Register Online!
Go to https://register.pwruua.org/event-registrations/montana-uus-state-conference
to register

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Big Sky UU Fellowship
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Glacier UU Fellowship
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