Fish  Creek Glacier Park   Aug 20  Fellowship Meeting

September 17, 2017 ~ 10:00 a.m.: “Where Does God Come From?” 

Our planet came from stars exploding their guts across the cosmos. Trees come from seeds, berries come from bushes, and–dubiously–chickens come from eggs. But where does it all come from? What existed before everything–God? Where does God come from? Local songwriter and poet Old Sap explores this timeless question through ancient teachings, scientific observations, stories, and songs. 

***Please note that this is Old Sap’s final Montana performance before moving to Asheville!***

Guest Speaker, Old Sap aka Chris Kammerer. Led by Ned Cooney.

September 24, 2017 ~ 10:00 a.m.: “Sources of our UU Inspirations and Beliefs” This service is based on the 6 sources of our UU tradition that are set out in many of our materials.  Let’s explore these sources of our beliefs using a sculpture format that will capture the service’s idea in our mind’s eye for many years afterwards.   What threads weave through your beliefs?   Led by your GUUF Program Committee



 Upcoming Meetings:

All are welcome.  

Sept. 17th  Fellowship council meets after the service

For Your Information…

Samaritan House
Thursday Night Suppers.  

Would you like to help?
September 21st
(5:30 p.m.)

To All who are interested in helping with Samaritan House suppers: we have had good success with the meals so far. We would like to involve teens and preteens. This will be a commitment of our fellowship to provide outreach and help to the folks who find themselves homeless. Signing up to help is easy. To sign up, email me, Chris Holdhusen, hereI will be scheduling more Thursday night dates as there is plenty of interest in continuing this effort.
Chris Holdhusen